Our prices are extremely competitive !

Advanced Electronics Solutions Inc.

  • Solid state switching circuit...
  • no mechanical parts !
  • no more  worries about malfunction due to liquid spills on or mechanical abuse of the unit 
  • that all-electronics design prevents costly malfunction
  • no more waiting the standard 4-8 weeks for  repairs either!
  • Our turnaround time is generally under 6  days, depending on the extent of repairs or quantity of equipment   involved.  
  • Our prices are extremely  competitive, perhaps the lowest around, but we stand behind our work 100%  and feel confident in extending that guarantee.  
  • compatibility with your  existing unit is NOT an issue....100% compatible !
  • can be used as a new or replacement  unit
  • same dimensional and electrical parameters
  • heavy duty ridged anodized aluminum casing...so much better than plastic sturdy enclosure for the best protection - improved mounting - just two screw - driven latches - no plastic clips !
  • choice of several configurations.... the perfect fit, whatever your need ! 
  • we can build (customize) to your requirements
  • all parts made in the USA . No problem with spare parts, we'll supply all parts by your request to component level
  • audio confirmation (beep) about change of gear
  • build self-diagnostic circuits  continuously are monitoring-all operations
  • visual confirmation (bright LED) of selected gear
  • after ignition switch is    turned ON, automatic neutral selection (no longer confusing for drivers)    , and a lot of advanced fea

Lydia Hollenback Director of Sales

Lydia graduated from California University State of Hayward with a degree in Business Administration. Since 2004, her experience includes working in professional jobs that have given her experience in the both sales and team management. Her diverse business experience has helped her be a constant leader for the last 10 years. Through her experience, she has developed and refined her skills in many areas including sales management, marketing strategy development, territory development, establishing sales objectives, new product introduction, and client relations. Her accomplishments have allowed her to be a proven expert in building a rapport of trust with distributors and accounts in which results in enhancing sales.

Disadvantage Business Enterprice (DBE}

  • We are able to offer you guaranteed, expeditious and affordable repairs, refurbishing and testing of your equipment, to include: 
  • Transportation Electronics
  • Repair virtually any electronics equipment or printed circuit board
  • Power Supplies (switching or linear)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Repair and Refurbish
  • Drafting and Redrafting
  • Consulting 
  • Quality and fast service

If you ever encounter problem with your existing electronics equipment or need help, please keep us in mind.
   We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about our services and how they may apply to your business.

Specialized in public transportation electronics



Shift Selectors



  •  sturdy enclosure for the best protection - improved mounting - just two screw - driven latches - no plastic clips !
  • choice of several configurations.... the perfect fit, whatever your need ! 
  • we can build (customize) to your requirements
  • all parts made in the USA . No problem with spare parts, we'll supply 

Repair any Electronics

GFI, Twin Vision, Luminator, Thermo King, Dynex-I/O Contros, Lift-U, Siemens, Orbital, The Broun Corp., Allison, Ricon, MCI, Gilig,REI,  New Flyer, Flexible Vapor, Zedef, Neoplan, Sutrak, Voith, Amerax....., Vanner and many more !

Synergy Model AST-3 PTS

Adjustable Shutter switch


We repair variety of electronics used in transportation industry

UT -3

Universal Timer


Repair Warranty List

Advanced Electronics Solutions Inc. (AES Inc.) warrants to the purchaser that the products manufactured by Advanced Electronics Solutions Inc. are free from defect in material and workmanship, and are of the kind and quality designated or described in the contract. This warranty shall be in full force and effect for a period of six (6) months for new equipment and ninety days (90) for repaired from the time of shipment of such products. This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, whether written or oral, expressed or implied. With respect to products or components sold by AES Inc., but manufactured by others, AES Inc. makes no warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of fitness or merchantability, but assigns to its buyers all rights under the manufacturers warranty, if any. If it appears during the six (6) months or ninety (90) days, that products manufactured or repaired by AES Inc. and delivered hereunder, do not meet the warranties specified above and if the purchaser so notifies AES Inc. promptly, Advanced Electronic Solutions Inc. shall correct any defect including nonconformance with specifications either by repairing any defect part or parts at its facility or by making available to the purchaser (at the option of AES Inc.) the repair or replacement parts or (at the option of AES Inc.) service personnel.    The obligation of Advanced Electronic Solutions Inc. to repair or replace any defective part or product shall be the exclusive remedy hereunder, and under no circumstances shall Advanced Electronic Solutions Inc. be liable for any consequential damages.   For service under warranty, please advise Advanced Electronic Solutions Inc. promptly of all details. Products being returned to our facility should be sent prepaid. Products should not be returned to our facility without consulting Advanced Electronic Solutions Inc. for instructions. Equipment will require Returned Materials Authorization number (RMA).   This warranty does not extend to products which have been subject to misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation or application nor shall it extend to products which have been repaired or altered by the purchaser outside of AES Inc. facilities without consent of AES Inc.    Advanced Electronics Solutions Inc. retains the right to make any changes or modifications which prove to enhance equipment capability or reliability (products manufactured by AES Inc. only).   Fluorescent lamps, fuses, and air filters are deemed consumable items and are not included under the Advanced Electronic Solutions Inc. warrantyContent copyright  document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); 2017. Advanced Electronics Solutions Inc.. All rights reserved .

Please feel free to call us any time and consult with our specialists.

  •   This means you are not forced into purchasing new equipment because of problems experienced by aging equipment or even so-called planned obsolescence!   
  •   · Even if your equipment has been obsoleted by ever-changing modern technology, we can repair it -- with or without supporting documentation or schematics.   
  •   · We are proud to be Advanced Electronics Solutions Inc. with 30 years electronics troubleshooting experience in military and private sector under our belt.   

Advanced Electronics Solutions Inc.

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