Advanced Electronics Solutions Inc.

We are proud to be  Advanced Electronics Solutions Inc. with 30 years electronics troubleshooting experience in military and private sector under our belt .

Even if your equipment has been obsoleted by ever-changing modern technology,  we can repair it -- with or without supporting documentation or schematics.  This means you are not forced into purchasing new equipment because of problems experienced by aging equipment or even so-called planned obsolescence!

No more waiting the standard 4-8 weeks for repairs either!  Our turnaround time is generally under 6 days, depending on the extent of repairs or quantity of equipment involved.

Our prices are extremely competitive, perhaps the lowest around , but we stand behind our work 100% and feel confident in extending that guarantee.

We are able to offer you guaranteed, expeditious and affordable repairs, refurbishing and testing of your equipment, to include:

  • Transportation Electronics
  • Repair virtually any electronics equipment or printed circuit board
  • Power Supplies (switching or linear)
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Repair and Refurbish
  • Drafting and Redrafting
  • Consulting
  • Quality and fast service

If you ever encounter problem with your existing electronics equipment or need help, please keep us in mind.
We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about our services and how they may apply to your business.

Please feel free to call us any time and consult with our specialists.

Phone : (510) 792-7747
     Fax : (510) 936-938
Email :

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